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It’s worth taking note as winter approaches a couple of key boating maintenance tips.  We see over 200 boats a year through this business and some common factors seem to cause the majority of grief to owners.

Keep your batteries on trickle charge.

You can purchase trickle charges that automatically turn on and off as your battery needs it and can be left on permanently.  This will keep your battery in top condition and ready for when you want to use it.  Other alternatives are taking the batteries out of the boat and keeping them on trickle charge inside.

Remove your bungs and keep the area free from debris.

We see about 3 boats a year that have filled up with fresh water due to the bungs being left in or the bung area was blocked with leaves.

A good time to get it serviced.

Many service departments slow down over this period so are keen for your work.  If you leave it till summer starts you can find it hard to get in when it suits you.  If extra parts are required the wait for these in summer can spoil your plans.  If dropping your boat off here suits you can always call Regan from Platinum Boating on 0402 477 656 as Platinum operate from our premises.

Trailer Bearings

These should be replaced every year and can be done at time of service.  They are a hidden crucial part of your boating experience and when they fail they usually leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Boat Buying

A great time to look at upgrading! – from April to October there is a great selection of used boats on the market.  Whilst we still maintain steady sales over the cooler months the selection on hand is always at it’s best.  Check out our used boats page for latest listings. Or sell your boat here

Adam Duncombe
Adam Duncombe
Adam is a Challenge Marine veteran, having been with the company for 15 years. In his initial role as a sales person he focused on leading brands such as Sea Ray and Boston Whaler to name a few. Promoted to Sales Manager in 2005, Adam eventually purchased Challenge Marine in 2014 and took over as Dealer Principal. He relocated the showroom to its current site in Wangara and expanded the space to accommodate for the growth in the business. Today Adam leads a team which is dedicated to finding you your perfect boat. Adam has been an avid boater since the age of five and loves all things marine – he even trained as a seafood chef in Tasmania!

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